My journey into motherhood and its unique challenges is how MamaNiyaa sparked a flame within me. The word niyaa or nia [pronounced knee-a] is Swahili for intentions. I know how vital it is to have resources that provide care and or services that women deserve to have while they flow through their maternal journey catered to their need. And having a strong village, because it does take a village to thrive.

Life has a way of paving your path into your calling through life changing experiences. I've always found fulfillment in helping others, it has been a part of my life since I was a young girl and so I am humbly grateful to receive you and your family and provide the needed care with the intent to empower you to reclaim your birthing process and support your healing.

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MamaNiyaa provides educational empowerment and supportive care to families as they prepare for conception, the pregnancy phase and flow through the journey of postpartum into parenthood. Everyone's journey is unique. We meet you where you are. It is our job as a village to provide resources and support to you ensuring that you are not just informed on what is out there for you but reassuring you and empowering you to reclaim your maternal health.


In today's world, having a solid and nurturing village to support you on your journey into not just motherhood but parenthood is a vital necessity. It is our vision to ensure a family has the needed resources to see their family thrive and grow with noble intentions. The SOKONI Shop is one of our initiatives to be able to provide and sustain our mission. We know how expensive care can be so we utilize our profit to supplement the cost to serve those who can't afford such vital care. The last thing a family should worry about is how can I afford this? We work with you!

Image by Annie Spratt