Holistically Healing Black Maternal Health Summit

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a much needed summit - Patient Advocacy Summit hosted by Black Mamas ATX.

When I tell you how liberating and powerful it was to see a building filled with strong minded, empowered and passionate individuals collectively coming together to spread awareness on maternal wellness - I could have never been so grateful to have made the choice to go with my kids and all! It was such an empowering, reassuring and educating experience.

Hearing stories of other womens postpartum journeys and challenges was one of my favorite parts of the event. We all shared something in common.

I learnt so much about other women and their maternal journeys and realized how much we as women have in common despite our uniqueness and differences.

We all wanted change for ourselves and others and the generations to come after.

We wanted change with the disparities between our health and our social, economical and racial differences.

We wanted awareness within ourselves, our families - our villages and how to utilize resources we have and become more aware of the resources we don’t take advantage of.

We all wanted to be supportive and be supported by our communities so that society would feel enlightened and uplifted to make inform choices regarding their wellness and rights.

We wanted to be informed on what necessary actions needed to take place and how to strategically get involved and make a positive strong impact.

Being able to listen to the different panelists and learn about the resources out there I can use to support my sisters gave me joy! I am working on a directory for those who need information and resource so that you can make the best decision for yourself and take advantage of the support out there.

Did you know blacks face more at risks circumstances and events during pregnancy, birth and postpartum than any other race?

& most of these circumstances can be avoided! I made it upon myself to reach out to those who are in this fight to bring about necessary change and see how I can bring forth a service catered to this and other unfortunate circumstances and events.

When I was there amongst these strong individuals I realized why a village is so important and it just reassured me that - this is a mission worth fighting towards!

Black Mamas ATX is an amazing organization and there’s numerous ways to show your support!

🤎 Donate what you can! A little ALWAYS goes a long way

✊🏾 Dedicate your time to help out at their events

✌🏾Show your support by showing up

For more information on what next event is going down visit their website at

Remember - It Takes a Village!

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