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Updated: Mar 20

Hey y’all. Peace be with you!

It’s been a little while since I have been present. As some of you may know I had decided to take myself a break from work back in February for my well-being. I needed to take a step back so I could rest. I needed to put time into myself so I can continue to heal within myself and be able to return and hold space. Resting is a hard thing for me and I’m sure for others to do but I’ve noticed as I’m aging that it is absolutely necessary.

In my early 20s I almost felt unstoppable, I can take on anything and it not effect me in any way, shape or form physically. Procrastination was middle name and I worked so well under pressure, shining bright like a diamond. Kids weren’t a concern of my priorities as yet and so I felt like I had time. Too much time and I took every moment during this time to keep myself engaged in something. Something didn’t always mean me though and as days went day which turns into weeks which turns into months, eventually my shift in priorities made it’s big debut and age; due to no rest started to take its snow ball effect.

Here I am at 32 and as young as the numerical number may stand for some, the physical value of how I have felt has been daunting and tiresome. I never realized how much rest I needed until now and find myself wondering why I didn’t take such importance in my rest as I did with my productivity? Fast mode has literally defaulted my body to be on restricted slow mode and it makes sense.

Praying and working on my overall wellness has now become my number one priority amongst other number ones I put first. I think its hard for us women to be still because of the amount of responsibility we and those around us put on each other. Some of us are moms, some are working women, some of us are the providers of a whole household in various ways not just financially and it’s A LOT. I think it’s very crucial we become more kind and graceful towards each other cause the world has already made it difficult for us. So much is expected from us and yet we still expect so much more from each other.

If there is one thing I’ve learnt throughout these few weeks it has been putting priority in me. My rest, my overall wellness on every level. The body is a natural machine but even it needs to go on hibernation mode. Like a computer that starts to function slow and freeze we result to reset it. What about our brain, our body, our mind? Why don’t we take time out to reset ourselves. We wait until we become overwhelmed then burnt out and even then we ignore the signs that our body, our physical state is calling out for - help. It’s heartbreaking really cause then when some women do take time out for themselves they are ridiculed for doing so. The label lazy is put on them. Can you imagine the overwhelming stress single parents endure and some don’t even have no call for help to reach out to? And we wonder why postpartum depression is an issue? We wonder why the woman changes after a birth of a child, we wonder why things have changed between couples? We wonder what happened? Come on now, it’s deeper than hormonal psychological changes. It’s much deeper than it and it needs to change - it has to. Employers, families all the way to the intimate relationships we have, I think it’s very important that a serious conversation regarding burnout and how to avoid it and resources be provided to this issue that obviously leads to more drastic situations and circumstances.

Time has a way of tricking the minds in thinking we have plenty of time to change certain things when we don’t and the body wears out as the time lapses. Self care is and should be a number one value we hold true to ourselves and teach our families so it’s not ridiculed.

Be graceful towards yourself and invest in your wellness, your wellbeing. No better person for the job than you!

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