5 Ways to Prepare for Childbirth

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

It’s almost every woman’s goal to give birth naturally - but how can this vision be executed? I will share key factors that will support your birth vision and allow you to enjoy this journey you are on by sharing things I’ve learnt with time and experience.

Follow these 5 tips to prepare yourself for the birth you want to experience.

  1. Safe Movements - Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, implementing walks and safe movements like yoga can allow your body to prepare itself for the birth of your child. Ligament pains and fatigue may discourage you but if you talk to your care provider they would probably encourage you to do the same. Adding 30 mins of safe movements like yoga, squats, walking or swimming or combining these movements will help you and baby feel rested at the end of the day. You’ll gradually ease baby into the desired position for child birth and keep you feeling good! Always seek consultation before starting any physical activity when pregnant. We want you and baby to be safe!

  2. Eat as Clean as You Can - With pregnancy comes cravings! We get it sis! Finding appealing snacks and meals for you to digest can feel like a challenge. Replacing your favorite not so nutritious drink or snack with something that will add value to you and baby’s health will gear you both for that happy day! Foods that are rich in fiber, folate, vitamin B and the other various vitamin and nutrients will not only support baby’s development but prepare your body for birth.

  3. Practice Mindfulness - Preparing the body is absolutely important, but did you know the mind has a lot to do with how you manage your labor? Pain is a perception the brain interprets due to the anxiety or fear we may be feeling. How we respond to labor will allow ourselves to find grace during this process. Focusing on how we feel and understanding how to use how breathe is key in practicing mindfulness. You can learn these in birth classes or with a doula. Practicing hypno techniques and other mindful exercises that you learn in birth classes will become habit and easy for you to implement when in labor.

  4. Build Your Village - When your mind is set upon what you envision for your birth, you may want to ensure everyone else who is apart of your birthing process is onboard and understands how important your birth is to YOU! And how they can play their part. Make sure your care provider knows what you want and how you plan to achieve peace during your labor is also critical. The people who are going to be with you need to support you!

  5. Be Patient with Yourself - It’s hard to relax when you are coming close to your due date. Definitely can understand the flows of emotions. If there was one thing I learnt during my birth journeys and learning from other women it was to be patient. Be graceful. Allow your body to do what it needs to prepare itself for this beautiful moment. If we are mindful and become self aware with what our bodies are doing we will know when it needs something, or what it’s preparing itself to do just like our other learnt function e.g eating, digesting and releasing the waste. The body is designed to conceive, develop then birth. Just give yourself grace don’t let the pressure around you build tension within your body. Trust me, it’ll make that much of a difference.

I hope the information I have shared will allow you to experience and enjoy your journey like you envision. Always feel free to ask questions, remember knowledge is power and your health is your wealth. Be safe stay happy be blessed!

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