Why MamaNiyaa?

Before I had children of my own, educating and caregiving for other children was apart of my life. I have served multiple families in being a caregiver for more than 5 years. Then one day it hit me, while caring for a family and the kids were resting I started to think of how busy their mom must be and how tired she may be feeling at times after working all day.

I looked around the house and said to myself, the least I can do is make sure she has one less thing to do once she walks through the door. I began straightening up the house. Making sure things were in its place, dishes were washed and ready to receive her. Being a mom is a job of itself I thinking as I got myself ready to leave for the day. She had never asked me to do any of it, I was just a nanny but something in me said, do it and I listened to my inner voice. I remember how appreciated she was when she saw what I had done and she reached out later that evening to tell me and acknowledge what I did for her. I felt humbly honored to help another woman make her life just that much more easier.

These were my sisters of humanity. I wanted to be a reason they felt happy and supported. I wanted to bring a bit of ease in their lives. I enjoyed it with every essence, I felt my blessings.

As time took its place, I was then expecting my own child. Life was about to become different and I was ready to receive that next chapter. Abundance of support from these same sisters who I was there for, were there for me as well. Meal trains and hand me downs and whatever they can do to show their support came in full effect. Overwhelmed by their love I knew that serving my sisters of humanity was my calling.

The birth of my first child elevated my purpose in life to a degree I knew I had to pursue. I felt so passionate to the life of motherhood and wanted to continue my work in helping my sisters - and I did! Of course that led me towards the work of looking into becoming a doula I just couldn’t afford the programs, majority of these workshops were held in different cities and locations which meant I would need to travel and at the time it was just too much. I then found a birth school that provided a scholarship to pursue birth-work online. I was honored to be granted that scholarship but even then it just wasn’t the right time. I didn’t give up tho, I knew the One who is Able, the Most High would open up a way for me.

In the meantime pursued other careers, various jobs but that fulfillment I had from helping my sisters wasn’t there. Here we are years later and I am in my element.

It is such a blessing to be able to provide support to women in their journey of motherhood. My thoughts are can you imagine how much more supported a woman would feel if they can receive that amount of care and support while they were expecting? Not to mention how much easier it would be for them to transition from pregnancy to birth and now postpartum with that additional support they needed to be able to heal and adjust to their new lifestyle.

This is why I do what I do - cause I know how critical it is needed. I know if I had a doula during my transition how much more manageable life would have seemed. My birth work is not just a job - it’s my calling.

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